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View all newsHomeWi-Fi RelaysWiFi 16 Relay Module, TCP/IP, UDP, Virtual Serial Port – PCBWiFi 16 Relay Module, TCP/IP, UDP, Virtual Serial Port – PCB1000x10001000x10001000x10001000x10001000x11191000x5401000x467

Brings easily control of electrical appliances wirelessly. This is a Wi-Fi controlled relay board with 16 channels up to 10A / 250VAC each. Simple control electrical devices wirelessly from PC, Laptop, Smartphone or even via Internet. Supports communication via TCP/IP and UDP messages but also Virtual Serial (COM) Port as well. Works with Domoticz and OpenHAB home automation systems as well as with Node-RED IoT platform. For developers and integrators, we provide software examples.

16SPDT relaychannels (the type depends on the stocks quantity in our store):

(10A / 250VAC, 15A / 120VAC, 10A / 28VDC)

(10A / 250VAC, 15A / 120VAC, 15A / 24VDC)

Supply source voltage is selectable during purchase:

Wireless Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n standart;

Supported Wi-Fi modes: AP (Access Point), STA (Station) and AP+STA (Access Point + Station);

WEB server configuration of system parameters;

WEB server secure login authorization;

Standart network protocols: DHCP, DNS, ICMP (ping);

Control relays via TCP/IP, UDP or Virtual Serial (COM) Port;

Can be controlled bysmartDEN IP-32IN module(box-to-box);

Led indicators: Relays, Power ON, Wi-Fi link, Ready Status;

Hight quality PCB: FR4 / 1.5mm / two layers / metalized holes / HAL / white stamp / solder mask / extra PCB openings for better voltage isolation / doubled PCB tracks for better voltage isolation;

Operating temperature range: from 0 ºC to +70 ºC;

Dimensions: W=82mm x L=203mm x H=24mm;

Supported byDRM software(Windows, Linux, Raspbian): Yes

Supported byDenkovi Command line tool(Windows, Linux, Raspbian): Yes

Supported byDAE-aModules App for Android-

Supported by variousthird parity software(Android, iOS, Windows);

Supported byopenHABhome automation software –

Supported byDomoticzhome automation software –

Please note the product does not come with power supply adapter that you may need. We offer suitable adapters with plug-in outlet or DIN Rail BOX on this link:

The main feature ofWi-Fi 16 Relay Boardis that it can control electrical devices wirelessly

Easy accessWi-Fi 16 Relay Boardvia Internet and control electrical devices

Wi-Fi 16 Relay Boardcan be accessed via Virtual Serial (COM) Port

Wi-Fi 16 Relay Boardcan controlled by some ofsmartDEN Input Modules analog/digital/temperature inputs via Internet/Ethernet (box-to-box mode). Please check out ourapplication noteabout this mode.

Although this is utility for USB relays, we added and the Wi-Fi relay boards to it in order to provide flexibility and compatibility with currently already developed systems based on ourUSB 16 Relay Modules.

Here the logic is similar to the USB relay boards control. Instead of ID or serial number, we haveIP address:Port. Instead of relay board model, we havewifi16-tcporwifi16-udpwhich set the communication method. Everything else is the same.

LIST COMMAND- obviously this command will display only the USB relay boards andnot the Wi-Fi boardsas they are network devices.

java -jar DenkoviRelayCommandLineTool.jar list

STATUS COMMAND- display relay(s) status(es).

java -jar DenkoviRelayCommandLineTool.jar wifi16-tcp 2 status

java -jar DenkoviRelayCommandLineTool.jar wifi16-tcp all status

java -jar DenkoviRelayCommandLineTool.jar wifi16-tcp 2 1

java -jar DenkoviRelayCommandLineTool.jar wifi16-tcp all 0

java -jar DenkoviRelayCommandLineTool.jar wifi16-tcp turn 1110

TIMER COMMAND- execute time-critical operations. Well known fact is that every time when we run the command line tool the jvm is being run and this takes significant time. Many users contacted us with requests to execute timer commands for time-critical operations. Thats why we added such command. It can perform single pulse, many pulses and even cycles with more complex sequences of pulses and every pulse can be with different time (in milliseconds).Please note the state bits must be equal to the relay number!

java -jar DenkoviRelayCommandLineTool.jar wifi16-tcp timer 1,1111,10,0000,50,1111,25 //makes all relays ON for 10ms, all OFF for 50ms and all ON for 25ms

The device is supported byDRM Software- a tool for controlling all our relay boards. In order to access the module select device typeWiFi 16 Relay Brd.IP/URLis theIPorURLof the board.Portis theTCP/IPorUDP portof the board (depending on the communication method used).Protocolmay betcporudp.

The built-in web server provides ability for basic configuration of the module, like network settings, TCP/IP and UDP sockets parameters, wireless settings, passwords.Please note the relays can not be controlled via the web server!

Control via Virtual Serial (COM) Port technology

Nowadays there are lot of software applications still using/preferring serial port communications. One key feature of the module is that it supportsVirtual Serial (COM) Port controlling of the relays. For example in Windows, controlling of the module is done via Virtual COM Port, shown in device manager, like in the screenshot bellow.

OpenHABis a third party open source free home automation software.Run your server onLinuxmacOSWindowsRaspberry PiPINE64DockerSynology… Access it with apps for the web,iOSAndroidand others. Use a powerful and flexible engine to designrules, with time and event-basedtriggersscriptsactionsnotificationsandvoice control.

It is possible to control the device viaTCP binding. More information about the integration with our hardware – contact with us.

Domoticzis a free open source popular home automation software which can run on Windows, Linux, MAC, Rasberry PI andothers. It is a home automation system design to control various devices and receive input from various sensors. Access it with apps for the web,iOSAndroidand others.

More information about how to connect and use it with our hardware – contact with us.

Node-REDis a flow-based programming platform for the Internet of Things. We prepared small example for communication between Node-RED and our device. More info about Node-RED and denkovi modules:here

You can download the example Node-RED flows from here:TCP communication flow

Access from DAE-aModules Android App

Some useful information aboutDAE-aModulesandWi-Fi 16 Relay Board:

Control via Third Parity Android Apps

There are really lot of mobile apps capable to send TCP/IP and UDP messages. One such free app isSocket Control Widgetfor Android devices. It is simple and creates widget buttons on your screen where every button can control a relay(s).

Domoticz- This device is supported by the powerful home automation system Domoticz. Please take a look at our application note for more information –

openHAB- This device is supported by the powerful home automation system

. Please take a look at ourapplicationnote for more information. You can also download the configuration files for openHAB (ver 2.2.0) for communication viaTCP binding example.

Socket Control Widget, an android application for sending TCP/IP messages. It creates widget buttons on your screen. Android market link -here

Tibbo Virtual Serial Port Manager (part ofTibbo Device Servet Toolkit) -32bit downloador64bit download

Packet Senderis 100% free tool for sending TCP/IP or UDP messages (If you find the app useful, please consider donating)

Node-RED IoT platform – example communication flow usingTCP communication. More about Denkovi modules and Node-RED:here.

Java – A netbeans project,demowhich is able to set and get relays status via TCP/IP or UDP sockets.

C.NET- example how to set and read the status of the relays.

C++.NET- example how to set and read the status of the relays.

Delphi Lazarus- example how to set and read the status of the relays.

Visual Basic 6 (TCP Socket)- example how to communicate with the module using TCP commands.

Node.js (TCP Sockets)- example how to communicate with the module using TCP socket commands in Node.js.

30W Single Output Industrial DIN Rail Power Supply 12VDC / 2A. Suitable for all 12V Denkovi devices.

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