Friday, May 24, 2019

Hilarious examples include Take a flower by ththorninstead of Takebull byhorns

PETAs ridiculed campaign inspired a glorious new meme.

The animals rights group was heavily criticized for comparing anti-animal idioms to racism, homophobia, and other discriminatory language. Along with their terrible opinion, PETA posted a list of very serious alternatives for anti-animal language.

Hilarious examples include Take a flower by the thorns instead of Take the bull by the horns, as if people could say that with a straight face.

Words matter, and as our understanding of social justice evolves, our language evolves along with it. Heres how to remove speciesism from your daily /o67EbBA7H4

PETA: Bringing Home the Bagels Since 1980 (@peta)December 4, 2018

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And because the internet cant take anything seriously, PETAs attempt at comparing human suffering to using animals in poetic license is now a meme. From petitions to stop using anti-Bird language to quoting theStar Warsprequels, Twitter and Reddit users are trying to make our world a more inclusive place for all fandoms.

birdsrightsactivist (@ProBirdRights)December 5, 2018

As an American minority I think its my duty to change the culture of my country to my liking. Please stop using Anti -Plant Language. Thanks 🙏

Carl Ruiz (@carlruiz)December 6, 2018

PETA wants you to stop using anti-animal language this holiday season

Instead of pound this pussy, try saying plow my fields

Slip Knaughty (@nerdybyptw)December 6, 2018

This is what we should really be focusing on. Stop using anti-Prequel

Cameron Kasky (@cameron_kasky)December 6, 2018

New PSA from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Philosophers…

Nolen Gertz (@ethicistforhire)December 6, 2018

Its time to stop using anti-rap and anti-country language. Words

Stop using anti-bee

Krystle Schoonveld (@TarheelKrystle)December 6, 2018

Stop using anti-Christmas

jacksfilms (@jacksfilms)December 5, 2018

Am I doing this right? Stop using anti-Food language. 😅

Qasim Rashid, Esq. (@MuslimIQ)December 6, 2018

Despite being a meme, PETA is pushing forward with its anti-animal campaign. It recently changed its Twitter name to the bizarrely long PETA: Bringing Home The Bagels Since 1980.

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