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Park Won

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BTS tops the brand value ranking for singers in October + Black Pink and Wanna One follow

is the top singer in terms of brand value for October.

According to the Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation, BTS was at the top of the October data, followed by Black Pink and Wanna One. 106,532,910 pieces of data were examined from Sept 26 to Oct 27. BTS had a total of 19,903,080 points, while Black Pink had 8,722,222 points and Wanna One had 7,716,213 points.

The rest of the singers ranked were, in order, iKON, IU, EXO, Red Velvet, TWICE, Girls Generation, Psy, G-Friend, Seventeen, Big Bang, Seungri (separate from Big Bang), A Pink, Oh My Girl, Momoland, (G)I-DLE, BTOB, MAMAMOO, Hong Jin Young, Melomance, Vibe, Lee Moon Sae, Lim Chang Jung, Sunmi, Ben, Lee Soo, Zico, Crush, Eunji (listed separately from A Pink), AOA, Zion.T, Davichi, Roy Kim, Paul Kim, Shawn, Bolbbalgan4, Heize, Ailee, Yoon Jong Shin, Kim Chung Ha, Yang Da Il, Punch, Park Won, Kim Ha On, 10cm, Lim Han Byul, Monday Kiz, and Nilo.

BP the only girl group in top 5!! My girls are amazing!

Im so happy to see iKON in the 4th place, but BIGBANG being in 13th is just incredible.

Wow! Im sure Black Pinks brand value will increase even more so the next month after their concert and Jennies solo song (as well as a rumored comeback).

BlackPink on their way to take over hihi…. They get more and more recgognized in Korea !

Lmao…hows Seungri is there alone. huhuhu….

BP only girl group TOP5.. Female power, fighting !

This ranking, in general, always annoys me. It isnt really brand value as it would be defined in the finance terms, it is math on how often a group is searched/viewed/downloaded/etc compiled into arbitrary points (arbs).

In finance terms, brand value is how much people will pay to have that product over another. Money, not searches. One could pick the supermarket generic bottle of water, or the Dasani bottle of water. One costs 50cents more than the other. Both are water inside. 50cents per bottle is the brand value premium.

They need to call this something else, most searched for, something.

MY HEART GOT7 is not even in the list! I HATE THIS. KOREANS PLEASE STOP SLEEPING ON MY BOYS. GOT7 deserves more than this

My bias doesnt have an agency, doesnt have any CFs that I know of, and hasnt released any music for over a year, but hes still at number 10. Should I be confused or just enjoy it?

nctflop????? Where are you????? They flop so damn bad in korea couldnt even beat a lot of nugus. They said they wanna beat bts but seems like theres still a long list before they can even get near to bts. What a delulu shit. Flop should just disband

Poor exoflop even their comeback noise couldnt help them to be on top3. But what can you expect from a flop group who can only sell 25% of prudential center. Lmao

Oh my fucking gosh this is why I hesitate to call myself an army bc of ignorant people like you. Get off their tip and let them enjoy their comeback. Nct too you act like they cant have a come up like BTS😂How about you focus more on our boys🖤😘When SM sues you youre going to have to say bye to that phone. Youll be playing tic-tac-toe with a piece of old notebook paper.

E egg pretending to be an army to give her flop oppas a clout. Try harder fucktard. I can smell strong smflop shit on you.

Righht Im the one pretending to be an army bc I dont bash other groups. Shit sad wtf😂You lame asf

Nothing wrong with kpop fans that are international, but I despise those that really say shit like this. Youre fucking toxic af. Its saddening to see that there are fans like you out here. If members of BTS were to read your comment, theyd probably be disappointed.

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