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Now we know what the Saved By thBell graphics ardoing in retirement.

TheNBArelaxed some of its color restrictions for what shoes players can wear on the court, and boy, does it show. Some have been bold and others show well, this transition is going to be a work in progress as players have trotted out their signature sneakers for this year or previewed releases for 2019.

From bland to blinding, lets count down some of the misses by the Associations top stars that you may not want to find under the Christmas tree.

First, theres an issue with the leafy-looking Flytrap lockdown system on the shoes upper. But the color scheme is somehow both bland and clashing. The sky blue Little Mountain was a much better version

James collaborated with fashion designers from Harlems Fashion Row to create his first signature shoe exclusively for women. But reaction on social media was mixed, some likening its leather strap with gold-plated buckle to an ankle monitor. Your shoe shouldnt say house arrest.

This colorway, one of several signature shoes that made their on-court debuts opening week, was inspired by the Tatums 10-month-old son, according to reports, and Nike really colored outside the lines on this one. This color-block collision aims to include every hue in the universe except Celtic green. Yes, the laces and tab on the heel are green, but who can see it?

On a side note, Howard Wolowitz could make these work.

Players:Deandre Ayton, Suns, and Marvin Bagley III, Kings, among others

Puma lured the drafts top-two picks and added Jay-Z to lead their marketing, and this is the first shoe you come up with for them? On the other hand, the shoe kind of looks like a faded sun rather appropriate for Aytons team.

Ah, yes, the Kyrie 5s again. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so if youre a fan of the Yeezy Boost, you might gravitate to this upcoming version (Dec. 26) of the Kyrie 5s. On the other hand, if the Yeezys make you think someones wearing their socks on the outside. Its supposed to evoke ancient Egypt but feels more like the first time someone has combine puke-beige, purple and fire-engine red.

5. KITH x Nike LeBron 15 Lifestyle Kings Cloak

Admittedly, Im deeply in the minority here these out-of-the-box kicks from James Long Live the King collection are fetching some hefty pocket change on resale. But ask yourself: Would they get this reaction if James name werent attached? Would they remind you more of grandmas couch? If you recall, it was about a year ago we were treated to the man-sandal-looking LeBron 15 Concrete.

Hey, you can only go up from the ridicule Curry endured with the 2016 2 Low, but Curry still has trouble winning over some sneakerheads: Looks like some 90s LA gears from Walmart, one Twitter user wrote.

3. Adidas Marquee Boost LowBrandon Ingram

Now we know what the Saved By the Bell graphics are doing in retirement.

A user on said it best: Is this a Payless exclusive? The Bait II is supposed to reference Georges love of fishing, though how it accomplishes this is anyones guess. The search continues for photographic evidence of him wearing these. There are plenty of shots of him rocking the PG 2.5 PlayStation, however.

Maybe its because The Bait II looks like a layup, effort-wise. If the Curry 2 Lows have a cousin …

1. Big Baller Brand ZO2.19 Madagascar

Forget What are those? How about just Why? Ball wore these numbers during a game against the Mavericks on Halloween night without a hint of irony.

Before that on-court appearance, however, Big Baller Brand compounded this crime against fashion with a terrible knockoff of Spike Lees Gotta be the shoes Air Jordan hype man, Mars Blackmon.

And in case youre wondering, another colorway doesnt make it any better.

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