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Donald Trump Jr. on Thursday lashed out atPeople for the Ethicalreatmentf Animsver its Ddump Jr. Hloween coste.

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Donald Trump Jr. on Thursday lashed out atPeople for the Ethical Treatment of Animals over its Donald Trump Jr. Halloween costume.

Ironically, there are few orgs in world history that have as much animal blood on their hands asPETA. You hypocrites are literally an animal slaughter factory. In the last 11 years,PETAhas killed 29,426 dogs, cats, rabbits, & other domestic animals,President Trumps son tweeted.

Trump Jr. also included a link to theHuffington Postarticle he referenced.

PETArecently debuted the costume and said it was inspired by the trophy-hunting photo that showed the Trump brothers grinning while clutching the body of a dead leopard.

31PHOTOSDonald Trump Jr.s family InstagramsSee GalleryDonald Trump Jr.s family InstagramsSome cool pics from last weeks father son trip with Donnie to Northern BC. This was his first horse pack trip and within minutes he was totally comfortable. From riding long hours to tough terrain to hours of riding to get back to camp in pitch dark he was just a stud. Never a moment of doubt or fear… he was an instant horseman. Very proud of him. horse backcountry outdoor adventure fatherandson @hunternationSome of my best times are with friends and family around the campfire. Heres a cool couple of shots I was able to get of Donnie and me around a fire after a long day in horseback in the mountains of Northern British Columbia last week. campfire camping wildernessculture adventure fatherandsonGreat day in the Louisania bayou for LA Attorney General Jeff Landrys annual gator hunt with @agjefflandry @stevescalise @repbrianbabin @kimberlyguilfoyle @pambondi Great food, great friends, great times. la cajun creole bayou louisianaThe Northern lights popping out over the cabin that Donnie and I got to spend a father son weekend in this past weekend in Northern British Columbia. Such an amazing adventure with lots of time in the saddle… miles and miles on horseback and hiking. It was awesome. fatherandson outdoor adventure familytimeFloat plane into camp this past weekend for a man trip with Donnie. One last father son outdoor adventure in Northern British Columbia, Canada before school begins. Notice the second to last pic of the forest fires that enveloped the area. Always be careful out there in the woods with fire. Remember what Smoky said… Only you can prevent forest fires! outdoors adventure fire fatherandson avation bushplaneMy (not so) little girl Kai with me last weekend after her kids club championship win @trumpgolfwestchester. Im very proud of her. daddyslittlegirl daddysgirl dad daughterPretty sure this wins me dad if the year (circa 1970) for improvisational skills and pragmatism. Remember folks safety first!!!杭州夜生活🇺🇸🤣🇺🇸 dad skills safety kids golfManaged to capture the ever elusive kiss on the nose from Chloe this afternoon. Not too many years left before she gets too cool, so Im going to enjoy it while it lasts. daddysgirl kids weekend pool partyFamily cooking night with the monsters. They wanted a very eclectic mix of my guacamole and spaghetti carbonara. Sounded weird but I guess guaq goes with everything. Special thanks to Kai (@kaitrumpgolfer), Donnie, Tristan, Spencer , and the Bug for all their help. That was fun and delicious. cooking pasta kids familytimeSpencer helping me make pancakes for the kids this weekend. Hes one cute little man. kids cooking familytimeAfter a miserable and rainy morning it finally cleared up and I was able to get the monkeys into the pool to complete the wearing them out by bedtime process that is my first job as a parent. Also, getting 5 kids to look at a camera and smile simultaneously is the hardest thing in the world to accomplish🤣🇺🇸 kids weekend fun pool partyIts amazing how the simple things can be so amusing… its almost like we could live without iPads and Xbox.😉 Good time with the monsters today. familytime kids weekendGreat day on the water fishing with @kimberlyguilfoyle who put on a clinic on how to get it done. While 99% of my fishing is catchandrelease every once an a while you have to bring home dinner… and it was delicious. fishing outdoors weekendHanging out with my girl Kai aka @kaitrumpgolfer. Getting in a little BBQ with the other smurfs to get the weekend started right. kids weekend bbq familytimeDonnie helping me out in the duck blind last season. Definitely the best hunting buddy out there. Get them outdoors early and often… you wont regret it!!! throwback tbt throwbackthursdayMy team @trumpstore kept seeing pictures of Kais new puppy Bella and decided to get her a special present… her own Trump leash and collar. You can get yours at The Trump Store too. Enjoy. trump trumppets puppy presentSmores with T-man by the campfire. Keeping the nightly summer campfire cookout tradition alive. Ive been doing this since I was his age and it never gets old. fire campfire smores kids outdoorsChloe!!! This one is going to be a great fisherman. Just turned 4 and is pretty much doing it all in her own. fishing outdoors kids weekendOh boy. Spencer lost a tooth yesterday. Daddy tried to pretend that the $50 bill he (AKA THE TOOTH FAIRY) had, which was the only cash I had on me, was a $5 to be switched out later but Spencer noticed he extra 0 and has been asking about it since. I think hes got me busted. That may turn out to be an expensive error. teeth toothfairy tooth fairy dadKai, Donnie, and Tristan with their great grandmother. They dont likely know how lucky they are to get to know her but I do what I can to make sure they spend as much time as possible with her. She was a huge influence in my life along with her husband before he passed so its great that the kids are getting to know her as well. family familytime weekend greatgrandparentsCatching up with my little man Donnie this evening. Apparently you only get a partial smile when you interrupt a game of fortnite… whatever that is. 🤣Throwback to Christmas Vacation. Chloe and Spencer hanging out with grandpa @realdonaldtrump throwbackthursday tbt throwback flashbackAwesome pic. Cant wait buddy. Were going to hit it hard again this year. throwback sunday outdoors Repost @mattforsyth7 ・・・ T minus 4 weeks until sheep season🙌🏼💪🏼👊🏼! sheepseason18 kuiu kuiunationPlaying catch with the Smurf by the pool. Chloe is another one who is going to be a great athlete like her Big sister Kai. kids sport athlete family weekendSunday funday with my little man Spencer. family weekend kidsGetting the weekend started right with the munchkins. Hope you all have a good one. kids weekend familytime familyGetting after it early today. Getting the monsters off road and ATVing. Weekend goals: get them exhausted by bedtime. family weekend offroad atvStory time with the bug… then I told her it was bedtime and she wasnt happy about it. 🤣😂🤣 in the end she still gave me her prize sticker from camp so I think Im good. daddysgirl story time reading kidsAs if I needed another reason to love Montana. Its always cool when some friendly neighbors hear youre shooting with their friends and come over with their maga flags. mt montana outdoors shootingGreat throwback pic with Kai and Donnie shark fishing off the beach this spring with my boy @blacktiph. Solid teamwork getting this guy in and released quickly back into the wild. shark tbt throwbackthursday fishing @kaitrumpgolferIt started off all nice and friendly then the bottom fell out!!! Only my little monsters will turn a great fam pic into a wrestling match😂🇺🇸😂🇺🇸😂🇺🇸 We had an awesome Fathers Day. fathersday family weekend familytime wrestlingUp Next


Itfeaturesa bloody camouflage jacket, a red hat with Trump Jr.s name written in white, name tag that says half-cocked, and, of course, a large stuffed leopard in a pouncing position.

Theres nothing more frightful than an entitled ghoul who gets his kicks from gunning down wild animals,PETAPresident Ingrid Newkirksaidof the ensemble. This Halloween,PETAwill help people poke fun at someone who believes that the world and its wildlife are here for him to take.

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