Tuesday, March 26, 2019

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A-Rod vs. high-end clothing boutique

A-Rod vs. high-end clothing boutique

Alex Rodriguezs niece, with the superstars permission, ran up a bill of more than $17,000 at a New York city fashion boutique. Things got messier from there.

Alex Rodriguez, who does so much right on the diamond and so little right in the public arena, is embroiled in what can best be characterized as a very A-Rod sort of thing.

It seems Rodriguezs niece — his favorite niece, one assumes — recently racked up $17,600 in charges ($17,604, to be precise) at a presumably ridiculous NYC fashion boutique. All of this, it should be noted, was with Rodriguezs permission. However, the niece showed up at home, and the mother — A-Rods sister — reacted badly to such spoilage and demanded that the clothes be returned,reports the unimpeachable New York Post.

The plot thickened when the scolded parties learned that the store had a no-returns policy (because, really, why would anyone want to return expensive clothes?), which leaves the entire story in developing status. As always, its hard out there fora centaur.

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Check out the2019 Power Rankingsto see where all the teams are ranked, including the World Series champion Red Sox.

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