Thursday, April 25, 2019

intellectuals those with drive oswi

Critical thinking has all but fled our young

playing the X-box and eating antibiotic

do you expect some hidden intelligence

intellectuals those with drive those with

those that no longer have the intelligence

except to eat those unhealthy happy meals.

I look these unfortunate teenagers in the eyes

Asses so wide wrapped around five foot hips

Sixty percent of the parents have killed the

There is nothing special about special education

where special education points this all out

and guilty parents when after reading this become

for pointing their criminal deficiencies out.

doesnt add up to one hundred sixty to U.S.

So our once great country raised on contaminated

whom made all those lops and loplets

Poets Notes about The PoemYou can construe it as a kind of spectrum.

theres giving antibiotics for diseases to animals that aret sick – and no one disagrees with that.

theres this practice thats been under scrutiny

since the 1970s called growth promotion in which you give tiny doses of antibiotics that werent needed for anything

to animals routinely in their food or water

so that they put on muscle meat faster and they can be sold faster.

in which drugs are given to prevent disease

its called prophylaxis or metaphylaxis

tim to protect animals against the diseases that most people have.

And what McDonalds has said is that they will continue some of that mushy middle practice by using a particular class of antibiotics called ionophores.

And a lot of public health people are actually okay with this.

The reason is because ionophores arent used in human medicine.

So if using them on the farm creates antibiotic-resistant bacteria, then

this is not going to be so much of a problem because ionophore-resistant bacteria wouldnt be significant for humans.Comments about Institutions Of Higher Learning In America by James McLainDouglas Scotney(8/6/2015 12:02:00 AM)

not just chickens and x-boxes, I fear

This poem has not been translated into any other language yet.

I would like to translate this poem

Poem Edited: Thursday, August 6,杭州419 2015

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