Thursday, April 25, 2019

elegant design

When Coral Chung and Wendy Wen set out to create a bag specifically designed to empower busy and ambitious women like themselves, they told the Daily Beast, industry veterans told them its not what women actually want. Yet thats exactly what theirluxury handbag brand Senreveaccomplishes: It gives women organization and security without sacrificing quality and beauty. Building on their own experience, the Wharton, MIT, and Stanford grads surveyed other women to land on the foundational requirements forSenreves luxury bags: versatility, elegant design, impeccable quality,杭州妃子阁 and innovative construction. So the duo inventedthe Maestra, a convertible bag made ofscratch- and stain-resistant leatherthat sports a padded compartment for your 13-inch laptopand avoids the thousand dollar price tag of so many luxury bags. It even has adjustable straps for maximum versatility (you can wear it four different ways) and comesin fifteen colorsto fit your specific style. Designed by working women for working women, Senreves bags they now have 12 styles epitomize the success women can celebrate this year during International Womens Day.Find your executive-suite-to-dinner-party bag today.

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