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Also found in:DictionaryThesaurusEncyclopedia.The coat of soft, fine hair of some mammals.A layer of epithelial debris and fungal elements on the dorsum of the tongue. It is related more to neglected oral hygiene than to an underlying disease process.The thick coat of soft hair covering the skin of certain mammals.

furosemidefursoft, fine hair growing thickly on the skin of animals, mainly mammals, associated with heat retention.furshort, very fine and soft hair. Valuable as pelts for use in cold climate and high fashion garments.fur animalanimals bred or trapped in the wild for their pelts. Includes mink, sable, otter, lapin, ermine, marten.fur ballaccumulations of fur, swallowed during the natural grooming procedures of cats, can be a cause of vomiting, enteritis and uncommonly intestinal obstruction. Most troublesome in longhaired cats and those with skin disease that prompts more grooming.fur-bearing animalsee fur animal (above).fur clippingchewing of fur by captive mink rendering the pelt useless. A vice apparently caused by cage boredom.fur miteseelynxacarusradovsky.fur seal alopeciacaused in captive seals by overgrooming, a displacement activity. Alopecia occurs on the head and the posterior body, the easiest places for the seal to scratch.

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The combination of trusted brands, cheap prices, and items described as faux or 100% acrylic, means many people will be justifiably horrified to discover theyve inadvertently bought

Make sure the faux fur you buy is not the real thing; ellen kirwin on the shock finding of fur making its way back on to the high street

Republicans, on the other hand, are more likely than Democrats to believe the death penalty is acceptable, as well as to support buying and wearing clothing made of

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Infants Who Sleep on Animal Fur Have Less Asthma

, however, has a practical side – its warmth – and continues to be popular, says Dani Reiss, CEO of outerwear brand Canada Goose.

Fur makes a comeback with more humane claims

are placed in boxes and shipped through the Postal Service to an organization called Matter of Trust, which uses the hair for soaking up oil at spill sites.

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Canada vox pop: is it ethical to wear fur?

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