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Provided by Associated Newspapers LimitBobby (picturleft with a friend) urges otherto follow eir dreambut to carefullidentifa USP a

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Entrepreneur who started a fashion brand in his bedroom with just 10 has now sold 5M of clothing – and boasts a host of celebrity fans

Chloe Morgan and Latoya Gayle For Mailonline

Lauren Pope, one of Bobby Samaris most high-profile clients

Online fashion retailer Femme Luxe has recorded sales of 4.7 million, just two years after the brand was launched from the founders bedroom.

Bobby Samari, 30, originally from Sheffield and now living in Newton-Le-Willows, started his successful company by selling a single t-shirt, which he bought for 10 and sold on eBay for 15.

He then invested the money into further designs and continued to sell on eBay, until there was enough income to purchase a small batch of clothes from a local wholesaler, with the profits made being reinvested into building a basic website.

When I started Femme Luxe from my bedroom, I could never have dreamed of how quickly it would take off and just how popular it would be, explained Bobby, whose range is loved by reality stars including Jess Shears, Lauren Pope and Chloe Sims.

The growth is beyond my wildest expectations and I look forward to continuing to build the brand and its presence over the coming years.

Provided by Associated Newspapers Limited

Bobby Samari, 30, (pictured) who lives in Newton-Le-Willows now runs a multi-million pound company after launching e-tailer Femme Luxe from his bedroom

As his business started to pick up, Bobby converted a spare bedroom into a small office, from which the Femme Luxe operation was based for two months.

The business later expanded into Bobbys garage, before moving into a 5, 000 square foot warehouse in Warrington.

The brand now occupies a 25,000 square foot warehouse in Mancheser and the projected turnover for 2019 stands at 20,000 million.

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Bobby who reinvested every penny that he made from selling on eBay before opening his standalone online shop, told of the little-known challenges of running a rapidly growing business.

He said: I decided to explore the online market and in October 2015, I started selling t-shirts on eBay and Amazon just to generate some income, before expanding into more womenswear.

Provided by Associated Newspapers Limited

Bobbys fast fashion brand has gained a celebrity following since Love Islands Jessica Shears (pictured) wore a dress from Femme Luxes 99p collection to a party

Provided by Associated Newspapers Limited

The first item Bobby debuted to customers from a wholesaler was a multiway bodysuit (pictured) which was bought for 5 and sold for 20

Bobby made around 10,杭州百花坊000 from selling on eBay, which allowed him to invest some money into the website build and start selling from there, alongside the eBay and Amazon platforms.

The first piece I bought from a wholesaler for the website was a multiway bodysuit, which I bought for 5 and sold for 20 I then used these profits to buy more stock. Its a popular one as it can be styled in so many different ways.

He added:The site went from five people online to 50 people online and products were selling out more and more quickly, he explained. Thats when we knew there was demand for the product we were putting out.

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However, it hasnt been an easy journey for the entrepreneur who has encountered many teething issues along the way.

Bobby explained how difficulties storing the products took its toll on his relationship and living conditions.

One of the first problems was having the space to hold all of the product, he explained. I started off in my bedroom then extended into the spare room and garage before we got a warehouse, which wasnt easy.

Provided by Associated Newspapers Limited

Many celebrities have been seen in Bobbys successful fashion range – including TOWIE star Lauren Pope

Provided by Associated Newspapers Limited

Chloe sims also donned a one shoulder black jumpsuit from the Femme Luxe range – which only fueled sales

I bought towel rails from Ikea and put them up around my spare bedroom, to store the stock and make sure it was in good condition when it got sent out to customers.

He continued: By April there was no longer enough room in the bedroom and we had to convert the garage into a mini warehouse with all the same racking as the bedroom plus extra racking to fill it all.

Speaking about the challenges of having to store stock further from home he added: I was in a relationship that meant commuting back and forth from Sheffield to Warrington.

Provided by Associated Newspapers LimitedBobby (pictured) made around 10,000 from selling on eBay before investing in his own brand Femme Luxe which has now turned over around 11 million in sales Provided by Associated Newspapers LimitedBobby (pictured with Hannah) who now employs over 60 employees revealed his inspiration for the brand often comes from InstagramMy partner couldnt move away from the North West due to her father having Alzheimers and dementia, so I decided to move to the North West and knew I had to make a success of living there rather than South Yorkshire.

Bobby particularly cites early 2017 as a big turning point for his brand, as thats when he moved over to just the dedicated website.

eBay and Amazon were no longer our big business generators, he explained. We had more sales coming through the site than either of those platforms, so it just made sense.

Provided by Associated Newspapers LimitedBobby (pictured right with his fiance Hannah M Brownrigg) began his brand by selling clothes such as t-shirts on eBay and AmazonIn November 2018, Love Islands Jess Shears was photographed wearing a dress from Femme Luxes 99p collection.

The brand has since gained a celebrity following with Lauren pope, Yasmine from TOWIE and Chloe Sims, among other fans.

Bobby, who now employs over 60 employees, revealed he finds inspiration on social media.

Provided by Associated Newspapers LimitedBobby (pictured left with a friend) urges others to follow their dreams but to carefully identify a USP as the fast fashion industry has become heavily saturatedA lot of our inspiration is taken from Instagram we keep an eye on trends within both the celebrity and influencer spheres and create our own unique take on them, he explained.

I would say that if you have a dream, you should most definitely follow it. However, come equipped with a strong idea and to be prepared to work very hard.

The fast fashion market in particular has become heavily saturated so you need to identify what your USP is and what you can offer customers that sets you apart.

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