agricultural products carries archives to upgrade relevant policy requirement

gush drenchs of all kinds equipment is old old, put in serious and safe hidden trouble. Face the consumptive demand that circumjacent dweller increases increasingly, earnestly needs to upgrade transform. This year the beginning of the year, according to Nanjing city the free market of agricultural products carries archives to upgrade relevant policy requirement, investment of Nanjing bright business accuses a place of group limited company to belong to neighborhood life company to take over alley of blessing of primary of great capacity in the round free market 杭州百花坊 of agricultural products, in the area appoint, road of district government, brilliance of the relevant section such as bureau of bureau of street, business affairs, the Bureau of Finance, prices support energetically below, to carrying archives to upgrade the job undertook leader, organization is coordinated unity, supervise and urge examination, include to adjust management area position, stall is transformed with decorate, civilian service facilities setting, the form a complete set such as fire control equipment, parking lot, electrical wiring, conduit, sewer is transformed in all more than 20 content. Because consider safeguard market runs a follow-up management requirement formerly, bright trade group and intent is answered of field manage door in all 76 all signed relevant agreement to be withheld entirely. Familiar business can be found as before after circumjacent dweller door have purchase. The market ” hardware ” upgrade, reflect human nature to change the food market after upgrading to break through a tradition in the round, before cent is in hind 3 area, innovation designed the style of block of area of sitting room, function, characteristic, the sale division into districts such as aquatic product, will rasorial, fresh pork, vegetable, noodle guilds regulations city. Width of whole market corridor is added reach 2.5 meters, stall space is larger, article piles up more orderly. Sitting room area adds the shelf that taste delicacy newly, broke meal and the limit that lay delicacy, buy feed material to be able to be in directly treatment of the archives that taste delicacy samples; Install on the side civilian service wall also provided the community service such as patchy, hardware,

maintenance for circumjacent dweller, the life of the contented and circumjacent masses of the oldest rate needs. Mid function area regards the core of whole market as area, it is the promotion of pair of traditional free market of agricultural productses, little detail also reflected human nature to change everywhere, vegetable area the mesa of type of 3 class a flight of stairs makes put more whole aplanatic, at the same time of mesa height reduce also press close to client, can more convenient undertake a choose and buy. Divisional row is in fresh pork cooked food market both places, all was made certainly last ark, promoted dweller food security further. Aquatic product block is located in whole market hind side, the concept of shirt-sleeve characteristic block, make aquatic product distinguishing feature a street, perfect the depart that realized dry wet amiable flavour, integrate the standardization Chu Yuchi that deserves to build and independent butcher work station, also put an end to the wet fishy circumstance with traditional built-in market. Science and technology ” software ” built-in, change personally ” wisdom example ” food market of sea blessing alley not only hardware be able to all-around transform upgrade, meanwhile, through introducing high-tech measure, insert for its on the wing of wisdom can be encircled more can nod. Free WIFI is enclothed in the round inside the market, every stall all installed LED to display screen, above complete indication manage door electronic business charter and healthy card, sell the real time price of breed, and pay 2 dimension the code. Still take the lead in throwing system of date from of dish of new generation pork inside whole town limits additionally, already cast at present use 52, basically distributing in the flesh kind, vegetable area. Through scanning date from the 2 dimension on small bill are piled up, can undertake whole journey traces to the source, dish is tasted identify automatically, fairness trades etc, solve thoroughly be short of jin short the problem of two. Market control personnel expresses, because run time is not quite long, the database still is being collected, perfect in, future will be more perfect. The gender innovates in the meantime carry the free market of agricultural products archives to upgrade synchronism of construction of as retail as produce network spreads out, will go up next line ” E of division alley dish is bought ” platform, make a citizen online fall to be able to experience to the service trades on convenient line. The center of food safety quick check with all ready function is in charge of by the staff member that grooms through major, the pesticide remain problem that cares in the light of the citizen, plan the product that runs a sale to all vegetable everyday, nonsked undertake pesticide remain is checked, everyday sampling observation 36 not less than batch. Professional group manages, inheritance ” old name ” brand concept this is ” division alley food market ” old name brand again extend and outspread, the major that comes from neighborhood life company runs a group, inheritance continues ” division alley old name ” the service government of the brand, made system of comprehensive management of free market of agricultural products; Introduced ” small Zheng crisp sesame seed cake ” , ” Yin dumpling ” , ” Qing Lou noodle ” , ” agree lubricious flowers ” , ” division alley? Tall honest bean curd ” waited for a brand to abound condition of food market industry; Retained the group protecting clean that invites major at the same time, round-the-clock and time undertake Bao Jie to the market; Upgrade video supervisory equipment, 64 monitoring accomplish monitoring not to have blind angle, real time is right dish of monitoring of sanitation of market core condition, price, pork traces to the source, public security is prevented accuse, interior management have adjusting control government. Through transforming promotion, market of sea blessing alley is initial achieved ” the ground is justice of safety of flavour of not wet, as good as, food, price, metric accurate, can rest, but date from, become a network repeatedly ” target. Next will ” what live in order to satisfy people to happiness is yearning the struggling target that is us ” tenet of this one highest service, further study draws the dominant position of market of domestic other major, realize traditional free market of agricultural products truly the transition to new-style wisdom free market of agricultural products.


Labour appoint the secretary still founds an army to tell party class to all Party member cadre, guide everybody to review oath of join or be admitted to the party, review the majestic acceptance when join or be admitted to the party makes a pledge and sturdy determination, produce the vanward type effect of the communist with more full enthusiasm; Commend award ”杭州西湖阁 outstanding communist ” ” worker of outstanding party work ” ” leading Party group of advanced basic level is knitted ” etc, the vanward type action of the battle fort action that enhances party organization and Party member; The organization is watched ” perambulatory Li Jian ” ” go up in the road forever ” ” sink into ” party conduct Lian Zhengjian sets newsreel, further drive the politics that street Party member and party organization build beautiful safflower is enthusiastic. — begin collective to view patriotic film activity. Organize cadre of street collectivity mechanism to watch ” fierce, my country ” , development study comprehends be used to to make the same score the 19 great mind of thought of socialism of characteristic of new era China and party nearly, the grandiose blue print that the Chinese future of the farther understanding, 19 large scale that master a party develops and 18 big since the historic accomplishment of the reforming and opening that China obtains and socialistic modernization, 杭州夜网论坛assist is nodded for the motherland not only after broad Party member is watched, also be safflower street with the south the new development of new city, new achievement nods assist. — begin a Party member to read activity. Union ” two learn to be done ” study teachs a requirement, for the unit with Party branch constituent Party member is begun read activity, from cadre of Party member of office of the state central ” strong quality tabulation is led ” read the activity recommended booklist to choose books 2018. Through reading activity, guide consciousness of broad Party member to walk along thereinbefore, tabulation to lead, raised cadre of mechanism Party member to build the integrated quality of safflower. — begin read result experience calls for paper activity. Around ” do not forget heart, party is first in my heart ” , combinative Party member reads circumstance of mobile individual study and work are real, concentration of every Party branch reads 1 piece result experience, single out outstanding work to give by street Party committee reveal and make award. — develop activity of solid Nestorianism Yo. It is an unit with Party branch, choose rain to spend delegacy of memorial hall of massacre of a cemetery of revolutionary martyrs, Nanjing, the Communist Party of China memorial hall of plum garden new residential quarter, cross Jiang Shengli the gules education base such as house of culture of film of memorial hall, gules memory. Street labour appoint the organization is completely street 1838 56 6 community Party committee, branch, Party members were begun ” review gules memory ”

activity of solid Nestorianism Yo, gene of farther inheritance red, rose street the ability that solves real problem in emancipatory thought. — develop activity of Party member love expressing sympathy and solicitude for. Union ” two learn to be done ” study teachs an activity, be versed in by street party appoint the leader guides a Party member to represent, thorough community, knot of old to 72 Party member is helped up to the side, the greeting that sends a red-letter day for 53 difficult Party members helps them solve be badly off, reflect the consideration that leading Party group knits and warmth. In piece: Party flag is red drove ” core ” strong in recent years, safflower is street the party is versed in appoint carry out seriously fulfil deploy of province urban district and requirement, according to ” advance steadily, in entering, beg new, hold new normal state, create new outstanding achievement ” 杭州楼凤网overall job train of thought, act vigorously fit is, each career maintained society of area under administration to develop momentum smoothly continuously, for the south new city builds development to make larger contribution. such, because,be street labour appoint firmly produced core effect, tackled core problem: — possess firm and strong leadership core. Street party is versed in appoint put system construction in the first place from beginning to end, central group study, labour appoint conference thing regulation, ” ternary one big ” collective and decision-making wait for each system to be fulfilled strictly, action of team leader core is strong, level of scientific and decision-making ability is high, each job completes year outstanding. Urban government has the honor to win city 4 years continuously ” urban processing superior is street ” title, come true successfully in assessment of whole area performance ” 4 Lian Guan ” , year of service of the people’s livelihood invests capital more than yuan 600, compose built relatively complete integrated safeguard system. — have gram of assault fortified positions to take on hard spirit. Street leading group coagulates the heart gets together force finished Wu of important task of multinomial misfortune danger satisfactorily. Face the great flood situation 2016, street fluctuation people in the same condition help each other dissolved affection of more than 10 danger inside area early or late, provide strong safeguard for safety of property of life of people of area under administration. Rose 2016, street whole thrust is collected into southern new city tear open change, the party is versed in appoint take on through aggrandizement responsibility, innovation job method, below the circumstance that in person closefisted, task heavy, battlefront grows, use two years of short time, finish the job that tear open change basically, the area amounts to 1.4 million square metre, for the south new city construction laid solid foundation. — the talent team that has a secretary in charge of sth to do poineering work. Street party is versed in appoint insist to place team construction in prominent place, through deepening education of of all kinds special subject, strengthen day-to-day management to drive cadre work style to transform at all. Make ” safflower is street personnel management system ” , those who make mind of innovation of incentive cadre a secretary in charge of sth is important assure, chosen outstanding personnel is in from Yan Zhi party, collect tear open change, safe dimension the center such as firm, capital attraction produced main effect in the job, share 26 comrades to obtain a country to save each honor of the urban district in recent years, 11 comrades are chosen to move by upper body, 21 comrades post gets promotion. — have wind Qing Dynasty to enrage political modes of life and relation to their environment. Street party is versed in appoint carry out seriously fulfil party conduct Lian Zhengjian to set responsibility of Party committee main body and record appoint supervisory responsibility, carry out strictly in the center of ” 8 regulations ” the urban district that reach a province appoint relevant provision, from severe carry out ” the party should provide a party, from Yan Zhi party ” total demand. In recent years, without great violate the case that violate discipline, be asked without one person duty. Below piece: Party flag is red led new course safflower street in the south new city building sets a program in, be in core area, future is street will have whole town’s the best, most complete, most convenient foundation and service of the people’s livelihood to ensure establishment. In this great progress setting falls, street labour appoint members of a squad-a small body of people working together according to area of municipal Party committee appoint requirement, grab seize opportunity, multiply situation and on, look for carry of poor, try to be the first to reach emancipatory thought to discuss an activity greatly through launching pair of bid especially, searched a question not only, clear difference, and extended thinking, made clear new struggling way. Mix this year longer